Founded in Jacksonville, FL in 2003, Geer Services is a premier web design company that has worked with businesses of all sizes on all fronts. Owned by two retired Air Force members, our company is steeped with integrity and excellence that is fervent within the Air Force tradition. We have carried these values over and combined them with our own source of quality based within the Geer Family. The Geer Built® approach to all our projects generates results for our clients that far exceed expectations, while maintaining a people-first philosophy. We specialize in web development and web design but offer many other technology based services such as graphic design, marketing, search engine optimization and custom programming.

The Geer Built® approach involves the combination of business expertise, problem solving, and elite customer service with cutting-edge technology, enabling us to offer business solutions normally reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

We work with businesses of all sizes, but our face-to-face, client focused approach appeals especially to small and medium sized businesses throughout North America.

Pat and Richard Geer are both Air Force Veterans

Our success can be traced to our employees. We place a great deal of emphasis on experience, knowledge, and a client-focused approach to business. Our combined experience includes:

Web Development

GIS Applications

Advanced Programming Skills

Graphic Design

Military Service

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