William Geer (Pat)

Pat Geer

Founder, Owner and President

Mr. Geer founded Geer Services in 2003 and currently serves as President and Chairman. Pat has 38 years Information Technology (IT) experience including 28 years in the Geographic Information System (GIS) field. Prior to Geer Services, Mr. Geer worked 35 years for BellSouth Telecommunications and is credited for the development of the Landbase Management module of the Outside Plant Engineering Design System (OPEDS). In addition, he was responsible for the development of Intranet GIS and the Landbase Editing component. Pat established the Regional Landbase Administration Center (RLAC) to perform updates to BellSouth Corporate Landbase. Mr. Geer also developed a corporate system to support the key business activity associated with return on assets. He established and led the organization to provide web enabled enterprise performance management, asset management and decision support applications. Mr. Geer is a co-inventor of Patent 7,146,326 entitled “System and Method for Outside Plant Construction Pit Scheduling Tool and Log”. Pat retired from BellSouth after 35 years and also retired from the Florida Air National Guard after serving 31 years.

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