This Memorial Day in 2024 we think of those who lost their lives while serving our nation. Some were lost on battlefields around the world and were eventually returned to allow their families to get some sort of closure.

Today, there are still almost 82,000 families whose family members are still missing in action. Today we think of all the families who lost their loved ones who were returned to our shores and the remaining families who still do not know where their family members are. Our prayers go out to each of those families. The National POW/MIA Memorial & Museum we support honors all former prisoners of war; remembers and will never forget those missing in action heroes and the families who seek their return.

Geer Services, Inc. continues to support local military and Veteran organizations and this Memorial Day we provided design and print services for the Jacksonville National Cemetery Memorial Day Observance Ceremony. We coordinated with Pat Mulvihill, a wonderful advocate for many veteran related organizations in Northeast Florida.

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