e-GIS Data Loader

e-GIS Data Loader – Load CAD or e-GIS Data Directly Into ArcSDE

e-GIS Data Loader is a WEB-based application used to load CAD or e-GIS data directly into ArcSDE. The application was designed to provide a method for land developers to deliver CAD design drawings to local government for review as part of the permitting process.

This JAVA application allows authorized users to browse local computer files and the file into ArcSDE. The file can be viewed to determine proper data quality and positional accuracy.

User security allows a complete audit trail of on-line transactions.

This product also significantly reduces the amount of paper consumed for normal transactions.

Geer Services e-GIS Data Loader Process Flow Animation

System Features

  • Custom JAVA application provides the ability to browse local computer files and upload to a specific ArcSDE database instance.
  • Data is loaded into ArcSDE in separate quality control layer(s) for review by technician.
  • Data quality and positional accuracy are reviewed for compliance to specific standards.
  • Data review personnel access quality acceptance application and accept or reject data submission.
  • Data is loaded in to acceptance layer(s) if accepted by quality control technical and user submitting data is notified.
  • Rejection notification is provided to the submitting user the data does not meet defined quality standards.
  • Optionally, the application can allow download of data for the surrounding the area for a new land development project. The data can be downloaded from ArcIMS to the existing data model and projection system are known to the development firm.
  • Data Delivery can be accomplished through password controlled download feature allowing conversion to most common CAD and e-GIS file formats. This requires the FME product from Safe Software to perform the “on the fly” file conversion and data re-projection.

System and Software Requirements

Standard Web Browser

Geer Services eGIS Data Loader

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