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Geer Services has the unique ability to apply the GIS and database technical solutions to solve your most critical business problems.

Geer Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of consulting services to enhance your organizations productivity and efficiency through the successful implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This service is culminated from decades of experience of our team providing GIS solutions to our customers.

The example to the right is a web services viewer for use in exploring published layers from ArcGIS Server.

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Java Server Faces (JSF) Map Control SampleGeer GIS Consulting Services’ primary focus is on the successful implementation of web enabled GIS products. With over 18 years of experience working with ESRI® products such as ArcGIS Server, JavaScript API, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, and database solutions such as Oracle®, our company has the experience and know-how to create enterprise GIS systems or improve the overall performance of your existing system. Other services that complement our GIS offerings include graphic design and web development expertise to enhance your company’s image and generate a professional and productive web presence.

The example above shows the usage of GIS Facestm which is a custom component with Java Server Faces (JSF).

In addition to technical consulting services, Geer Services has the unique ability to apply the GIS and database technical solutions to solve your most critical business problems.

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What Is GISFaces?

GISFaces™ is an Enterprise GIS mapping component for Java Server Faces (JSF). The underlying GIS mapping engine used is the ESRI® ArcGIS API For JavaScript. Any ArcGIS service layers available, local or online, can be used in the maps you build. All of our example maps are built with publicly available service layers.

Why GISFaces?

GISFaces is the only GIS mapping component available for JSF. There are other JSF mapping components, such as Google Maps, but they are not GIS in the truest sense. This library adheres to the JSF principles including tight integration of AJAX events, avoiding direct use of JavaScript in your .xhtml pages, and mostly, reuse. Best of all, no GIS programmer or analyst experience is necessary to start integrating GIS maps into your applications.

Geer Services GISFaces Image 3

What functionality is included?

  • Uses the ESRI® ArcGIS API For JavaScript mapping engine.
  • Supports ESRI tiled, image, and dynamic map services.
  • Supports KML, feature, and graphics layers.
  • Graphics layers support marker, polyline, polygon, circle, and text graphics.
  • Graphics layer markers support drag and drop functionality.
  • Ability to add multiple services and set opacity, refresh interval, and min/max scales per service.
  • Dynamic map services support layer visibility and definition expressions for filtering.
  • Support for legend, overview, navigation, and geocoder widgets in separate panels.
  • Options to show a scalebar, logo, attribution, latitude/longitude coordinates, and a progress bar in separate panels.
  • Supports events “click”, “extent”, “view”, “select”, “drag”, and “geolocation”.
  • Supports feature identification, highlight, and attribute table via listener.
  • Supports custom map LOD (level of detail) levels and layer min/max scale ranges.
  • Supports automatic map layer refreshes at specified intervals.
  • Ability to use a locally hosted ESRI® JSAPI for environments behind a firewall or without Internet access.
  • GISFaces fills the void for the deprecated ESRI Java WebADF API.

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