It has been 21 years since the attacks of 09-11-2001 and the Geer Services team continues to reflect on the events on this tragic day.  We all remember in detail where we were when the planes struck the twin towers and the Pentagon. The fourth crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania because the passengers did not want their flight to hit the intended fourth target. 

“I will always remember being in my office on the 5th floor of the then BellSouth Tower.  I was on the phone when Becky Wright motioned for me to look at the television when Tower One was hit.  Moments later Gilberto dos Santos walked in and said it was terrorism, then Tower Two was hit confirming his comment.  We were stunned as was everyone else in the world.  I am proud of the way our nation came together and responded to this terrible act.  I only wish our country would continue to have the same passion and patriotism as we did after this day 21 years ago.  I pray for our Country.”  Pat Geer

“I remember hearing of the attack in my car returning from NAS Jax to my Florida Air National Guard Counterdrug position at the Northeast Florida Investigative Support Center in Jacksonville that morning. I heard the report on the radio as they had broken in with the announcement. Upon my return to the office, the entire team had the television up with the latest report. We watched as the second tower fell at that time. It was a very surreal and emotional day as security levels changed for both military and law enforcement agencies. Back at the 125th, the F-15s were armed and moved to the runway in further defense of any other attacks that may happen. I will always remember that day.” Richard Geer

Our prayers are with the families of the victims of the attack and those who died defending us from further attacks.  We thank President Bush for his decisive action and honor all that serve in the armed services and our first responders.  Never Forget!

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